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One year ago if anyone would be asked me which is the favorite app (other than social networking apps). I would probably answer for Google maps or any online shopping app. Same question if anyone asked me today, my definite answer will be Khatabook. At the start, Khatabook is a mobile app that helps shopkeepers to keep accounts of their business. I recently come across one such story of Khatabook’s inception. One young boy from a small district in Nanded city learned android programming to develop a business and accounting app which will help his father to manage accounts of his electrical shop. Cut to 2020 Khatabook records 20,000 CR transactions per month and installed on more than 50 Lakhs mobile devices to help small business and retail stores to manage their account in India and across India. If we see retrospect why Khatabook has become so successful, I can see mainly two reasons. First is no solution is available to small shop owners which are completely free. There are many accounting solutions are there in the market but most of them are not free so those solutions not useful for small owners. Another reason is the simplicity of Khatabook, it is designed in such a way that everyone will understand and can operate the app without any effort. As India is a growing Country by each decade we are developing new cities, lakhs of new shops establishing every year so Khatabook will go long way. I will not surprise in near future there will be many other apps like Khatabook to compete in the market and this will be the push for the Digital India campaign. My takedown from this Khatabook is “You can create your empire from side project also

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