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Vandan Govind Pawar

Software developer, Right-arm fast bowler

I am Vandan Pawar primarily working as a software professional, with an interest in various fields. I lived my childhood in Malegaon and Nashik. My childhood dream was to become Cricketer and play for the country. Still, it is the dream. I have other dreams too and working hard on those. 
I have completed my IT engineering at the University of Pune and currently working in Pune as a Mobile application developer.

I have an interest in Technologies, Books, Writing, and playing Tabla.
I believe today's generation is lucky enough for having internet or social media and I am one of them. With few clicks, we can reach thousands of people in the world. The previous generation did not have this privilege. So I decided to make use of this opportunity and publish my thoughts, passions, learning, and explore new things through this platform.

And please let me know if you want to give me any feedback, comment regarding anything, it's very valuable for me.

Mobile No:- 7507831546

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